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We always seek to improve our Bloop Text Summarizer tool, and it's fundamentally important to have a pleasant User Experience. Learn more about our recent changes on our Blooper Webpage.

Rokas Judickas
Rokas Judickas
December 1, 2022
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Bloop Online Text Summarizer Preselected Settings
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We've recently launched our Blooper Online Text Summarizer tool publicly and gathered the first users' data. After data coverage and insights that 80% of our users summarize in English and choose mid-level summary length – we've decided to make our first direct UX improvement.

We've decided to load our Blooper page with already preselected summary settings based on the most common type of summarizations (English language and mid-level summary length).

With this decision, you need only a single click in order to summarize a text. We've reduced the optional two settings clicks.

We hope this UX improvement will increase the user retention rate and speed up the Blooping process.

Rokas Judickas
Rokas Judickas
Lead Designer @ Bloop

Rokas is a Lead Designer at Bloop. Responsible not only for all Design aspects at the company but also for digital product growth. In addition, Rokas works with CRO & custom UX solution development.