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For any text-based algorithm to improve, it's crucial to get feedback. We've launched an ability to review your summarized text and send us feedback. Here's a quick overview of how we did it.

Rokas Judickas
Rokas Judickas
December 2, 2022
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Illustration of a Bloop Summary Reviews Modules
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When we've just launched our Blooper online, it worked only one-way method. You would submit a text and get output, but you wouldn't be able to provide feedback.

It was a crucial problem because we didn't gather user response data on our algorithm's performance.


We've created a simple review system with an option to leave additional feedback. This lets us get direct feedback from our users.

UX Logic

Our review module pops up only after the users' text is summarized. This leads to logical review method flow.

In addition, to increase feedback rates, we give users only good or bad options to choose from. However, when a lousy option is selected, additional choices specify why the feedback is negative.

Screenshot of additional options when leaving bad tier feedback on Blooper

Lastly, we leave a button grey and show additional alerts if a user is trying to submit a review without prior selecting a review tier. Again, this seamless logic flow helps our users to more seamlessly and, with a few clicks, leave valuable feedback.

Screenshot of greyed out review submission with UX explanation alert
Rokas Judickas
Rokas Judickas
Lead Designer @ Bloop

Rokas is a Lead Designer at Bloop. Responsible not only for all Design aspects at the company but also for digital product growth. In addition, Rokas works with CRO & custom UX solution development.