What is a Text Summarizer?

Have you ever stopped for a moment before reading a boring, repetitive document and thought to yourself: "If only I could know all this stuff without reading all of it"? Well, these days you can! Out of all tools, text summarizers are the most straightforward and easy to use for efficient, time-saving reading. Here is a quick example of how text summarization works.

Pranas Kraučiūnas
Pranas Kraučiūnas
December 10, 2022
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Illustration of a Bloop Text Summarizer Screen
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What is a text summarizer?

A text summarizer is a tool which condenses a large amount of text into a shorter, more concise version. This process is helpful for a variety of reasons, such as reducing the amount of time it takes to read a long document, capturing the most important information from a text, or providing a quick overview of a subject. There are many different techniques for summarizing text.

Example of a text summarizer

Bloop is a text summarizer that uses artificial intelligence to automatically scan a document and identify the most important sentences. It then rearranges these sentences to create a shortened version of the text that retains the most crucial information. For instance, Bloop is designed to work with a variety of different text types, including academic essays, student textbooks, and scientific briefs. This makes it an ideal tool for students and researchers who want to quickly summarize large amounts of information.

To use Bloop, users simply upload the text they want to summarize and choose the desired length of the summary. Bloop text summarizer then uses its AI algorithms to analyze the text and generate a shortened version. The resulting summary is presented in a clear, easy-to-read format that highlights the most important points.

Why Text Summarizer is useful?

1. Time saving

One of the main advantages of using Bloop for text summarization is its speed and efficiency. With just a few clicks, users can generate a concise summary of a long document in a matter of seconds. This saves a significant amount of time and allows users to quickly digest large amounts of information without having to read the entire document.

Difference between summarized and normal text reading times
Difference between normal and summarized text reading times

2. Productive learning

Another advantage of Bloop text summarizer is its ability to retain the most important information from a text. By using AI algorithms to identify the key sentences and ideas in a document, Bloop ensures that the summary it produces accurately reflects the content of the original text. This is particularly useful for students and researchers who need to quickly understand the main points of a complex text.

Illustration of how Text Summarizer find key information in a text
Visualisation of how Text Summarizer finds key information in any text

3. Summaries customizability

In addition to its speed and accuracy, Bloop also offers users the ability to customize their summaries. Users can choose the length of the summary and adjust the level of detail to their preference. This allows them to tailor the summary to their specific needs and ensures that they get the most out of the tool.

Illustration of Bloop Text Summarizer summary settings
Illustration of Bloop Text Summarizer Settings

Should you use text summarizer for everything?

In short – no. It is evident that deciding what to summarize is up to the reader. Summarizing tools can only help someone who already knows what they are looking for, so it is critically important for the user to be self-aware. Some information still requires dedication and thorough focus. The advice here is to use Bloop to help you work, rather than to do your work.


Overall, text summarization is a valuable tool that can save users a significant amount of time and effort. By using a tool like Bloop, users can quickly and easily generate concise summaries of long texts, allowing them to quickly grasp the main ideas.

Pranas Kraučiūnas
Pranas Kraučiūnas
Project Manager @ Bloop

Pranas Krauciunas is a Project Manager at Bloop. Responsible for coordinating the work of different teams, helping achieve goals faster and with smoother execution.