Most frequently asked questions and answers about Bloop Text Summarizer and Bloop company itself.

What is a Bloop Text Summarizer?
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Bloop is a text-shortening tool that extracts essential information from long paragraphs and provides the user with simple, short, concentrated text. Bloop is designed to work with student textbooks, scientific briefs, news articles and much more.

How does Bloop work?
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Bloop evaluates the given text based on language characteristics. After the text is analyzed, the sentences get a different score. The score is calculated by counting word repetition, similarity, etc.

What is the difference between long, medium and short summaries?
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The user can choose whether they want a short, long or medium summary. The summary length depends on how accurate the summarised information will be. A short summary is for quick reading without getting into details; a medium summary is a balanced option for those who are short on time and want to get the essential information from the text; a long summary is the most detailed but also takes more time to read.

How much text should be put in when summarizing?
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The more text you put into Blooper, the better. Bloop is designed to be most efficient with longer texts as it cuts down chunks of sentences, not separate words. The minimum requirement for Blooper to work is 50 words. The optimal option is to put more than 200 words for Blooper to work accurately.

What are the future plans of Bloop?
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Right now, we are eager to make Bloop 100% accurate. There are already new functions being developed to make the summaries more pleasing. We are also creating new ways to gather information from long texts, such as quizzes, bullet pointing, paraphrasing etc.

Who are the founders of Bloop?
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Bloop was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, by four young students, which started as a small group project. Currently, the 15 most talented people are working at Bloop marketing, finance and development fields.

Can I work at Bloop company too?
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New people are always welcome to join our team! Just contact us at hello@dobloop.com, and we will respond to your message!

How can I help Bloop?
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As Bloop is entirely FREE, we only ask you to leave an honest review after Blooping. That's all! There is no money involved - we get a thumbs up, and you get the best, most awesome summary.

How long is Bloop?
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The bloop measures out between 77 meters to 215 meters long and it's teeth are nearly the length of a human arm. Of course, that's a joke reference. There is a mysterious big fish also called Bloop.

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